PIEROTTI LAW FIRMListen, understand, solve.

We listen to people and provide in depth analysis. We evaluate any circumstances that can make the difference to offer the best strategies and solutions.

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Law is our art. We approach cases with creativity and determination. We give value to details and peculiarities. We provide full stategies and take a stance.
The Firm assists clients on family dynamics both in physiological and pathological stages, planning successions and bequests, protecting and managing assets and estates.
The protection of parental relationship and childhood rights as well as the protection of the weak subjects before criminal and civil courts is one of our aim. We also assist clients on cohabitation issues.
Your savings: the result of your time and your commitment.
We help you to choose the proper instrument to protect the outcome of your efforts and to ensure a good future to your family and your enterprise.
The identity of your enterprise and your creativity. Trademarks, patents, designs, models. Copyrights.
Values to be safeguarded, developed, protected.
Tax office bills. Administrative immobilization of vehicles. Seizures. Mortgages.
We protect the taxpayer both before civil and criminal courts (e.g.: crimes as to the Legislative Decree no. 74/2000).
Purchasing, selling or leasing a property. Taking out mortgage loans. Exercise preemptive rights. These are relevant choices that we can help you to make properly.
Contracts as tailor-made suits. They must be customized. They must be of “haute-couture” quality.
We help you to choose the proper instrument and to understand the value of what you are signing.
We prepare strategies against unfair and aggressive commercial practices.
Corporations: their launch and their growth. Being shareholder, being director: rights and responsibilities. Protection before criminal and civil courts.
The society which we live in expose us to many risks: privacy, reputation, road safety, physical and moral integrity, conduct of Public Administration, Banks, corporation, people, etc. are at stake.
We assess and bring all necessary actions for damages before civil and criminal courts.
Assessment of contracts. Exploitation and compound interests. Securities. Defence against Financial Risk Center notices. Over-indebtedness.
We help you to assess, protect and manage your personal data, both as individual and as entrepreneur.

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Our team
Nicola Pierotti Studio Pierotti

LawyerNicola Pierotti

I assist individuals and business, focusing on taxpayers issues, planning and protection of assets, banking, separations and divorces, inheritance, companies’ issues, contracts and torts.

de santis Studio Pierotti

LawyerLorenzo Vito De Santis

I provide legal advice on civil and commercial matters, focusing on inheritance and gift law, cooperative companies law, over-indebtedness, contracts and tort law.


LawyerLaura Pelliccia

I assist consumers and business, even before Public Authorities, focusing on privacy law (assessment protection and management of personal data).


LawyerTommaso Buratti

I focus my legal advice and provide legal defense on criminal and white collar matters.

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